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An Official Journal of SOCIETA' ITALIANA DI ANESTESIA, ANALGESIA E TERAPIA INTENSIVA PEDIATRICA [Italian Society of Anesthesia, Analgesia and Pediatric Intensive Care]
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia (IJCA) addresses all aspects of anesthesia practice, including surgery and anesthesia, spinal anesthesia, anesthetic administration, pharmacokinetics, preoperative and postoperative considerations, coexisting disease and other complicating factors that arises during surgery, pre and post surgery management and similar concerns anesthesiologists contend with daily. It is also to encourage and stimulate associated scientific research and communication between hospitals and universities. The journal accepts high quality original Research articles, Review articles, Short communications, Case reports, Editorials, Video articles, Commentaries, Conference proceedings, Abstracts, Image articles etc.
International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia (IJCA) is the official journal of SIAATIP. SIAATIP is the largest Italian pediatric anesthesia society and among the first in Europe by number of subscribers and members and due to its great organization. Its organization is very complex and includes other societies with which it constitutes an Italian Confederation. It is officially recognized by the Italian Ministerial Institutions and the Italian Health Ministry with which cooperates and produce many guidelines and recommendations.  Moreover, the SIAATIP is the official repository of the National Registry of Adverse Events in Pediatric Anesthesia.

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Publication Ethics

All works published by Edwiser International are under the terms of the creative commons attribution 4.0 international license. This permits anyone to copy, distribute, transmit and adapt the work provided the original work and source is appropriately cited. International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia supports the Open Access initiative. We believe in giving the maximum exposure to our published articles, so that the author could get the highest impact for his publications. For publication etics visit here.

International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia discourages plagiarism. All the manuscripts submitted to the journal undergo strict plagiarism checking and double blinded peer reviewing. We have an in-house team of reviewers who performs the preliminary reviewing of the manuscript. If the articles get accepted, it is forwarded to the subject specialist for his comments. All the submitted manuscript will be assigned to an Editor from our Editorial Board Members. The decision of the Editor (Accept/Revise/Reject) for respective article is deemed to be final and will not be revoked in any circumstances.

Journal Scope

International Journal of Clinical Anesthesia is a broad scope journal covering all the fields of medical and clinical research. The journal publishes papers on the topics mentioned below but are not limited to it:

Surgery and Anesthesia

Spinal Anesthesia

Anesthetic Administration


Preoperative Management

Postoperative Management

Pediatric Anesthesiology

Cardiac Anesthesiology

Nerve Blocks

Caudal Anesthesia

Spinal Anesthesia

Epidural Anesthesia

Jet Ventilation

Pediatric Anesthesia

Regional Anesthesia

Local Anesthesia

Anesthesia & Clinical Research

Clinical Anesthesia

Analgesia & Resuscitation

Pain & Relief

Anesthesia & Clinical Research

Dental Anesthesiology

Perianesthesia Nursing

Critical Care Anesthesiology